Rules & Policies

Business Policies

  1. Dealers only – No retail customers. Proper ID is required for entry into Auction.
  2. You are solely responsible for you and your employees when on WMI grounds. Your Workman’s comp must cover if injured.
  3. Do not consign any vehicles with bad breaks or fuel leaks.
  4. Dealers must register before transacting any business at WMI.
  5. Dealer-owner is the only person authorized to add or delete any authorized rep.
  6. Vehicles left on WMI property are your responsibility for any damage, theft or vandalism do to individuals or mother nature.
  7. WMI reserves the right to void any sale.
  8. Vehicles stored at WMI property but not sold or purchased at WMI will incur a $50 hook fee and moved into the fence area.
  9. WMI is not to be held responsible for administrative errors.


Payment Policies

  1. All units purchased at WMI or on premises must be paid for through the Auction Office the night of the sale with cash or separate company check. The dealership name as indicated on the “sales license” my be imprinted on the company check. No personal or second part checks can be accepted.

Buyers Policies

  1. Buyer must pay for vehicles on sale day with cash or company check. No personal checks.
  2. Buyers sigh block ticket to verify sale price, announcements and confirm correct price.
  3. Buyer must inspect vehicle before leaving WMI grounds that evening. If grounds for arbitration bring attention to WMI before 9pm Tuesday.
  4. There will be no “arbitration” on any vehicle that sells on the “block” for $2000 or less.
  6. Buyer is responsible for verifying VIN #, mileage and year on purchase vehicle before leaving WMI.
  7. Buyer is responsible for any pending “IF”. WMI does its best to alert “if” buyers of purchase or needed price increase of “if”. Don’t assume that if not contacted – deal is dead. An “IF” is an obligation by the buyer to “BUY” the implied vehicle. Please check before you leave WMI or the call the next morning.
  8. Buyer of a “T/A” vehicle may have to wait a maximum of 14 calendar days to receive title from WMI. Sale day is day 1. Any title or lien not received after the 14th day – buyer can bring the vehicle back to WMI. Calling WMI to bring back a TA vehicle does not kill the deal. Whichever arrives first at WMI after the 14th day completes the deal.

Selling Policies

  1. Sellers must provide a response to all “IF” units within 24 hours or the “if” deal in dead.
  2. All vehicles will run across the auction block at lease once. Any sale outside the block run will be done my management and all sales are “As IS”.
  3. Sellers, if known, must announce any frame damage, airbag light, title issue and emission control equipment not on vehicle. Also includes any frame damage/title history shown on CarFax or AutoCheck that “proves” to be accurate.
  4. Sellers responsibility to correct any errors made by WMI when vehicles crosses the bock.
  5. Seller shall be held responsible for repurchase of any vehicle sold through WMI that is found to be stolen.
  6. Seller has a maximum of 14 calendar days for title to be received by WMI. Sale day is day 1.

Title Policies

  1. Title Absent on run day will incur a $10 TA fee.
  2. All titles submitted by seller must be in sellers company name or on reassignment form.
  3. Title not presented to buyer on day of purchase has a maximum of 14 days to (unless other noted) receive a negotiable title from WMI. The buyer should use caution against selling or incurring costs on said vehicle until a title is received. WMI will not be held responsible for any expenses of returned vehicle do to missing title.

Announcement Policies

  1. Announcements SELLERS must provide of known vehicle issues. Selling price $2000 or greater, vehicle 9 years or newer and less than 100k miles.
    • Defect is powertrain.
    • Missing catalytic converter.
    • Inoperative air bag system.
    • Taxi or Police vehicles.
    • Flood vehicles.
    • Not actual miles.
    • Vehicles converted from diesel to gas.
    • Lower end knock. Not lifter noise.
    • Branded titles.
    • Frame damage from rust or other.
    • Actual leaking head gasket. Not a probability.

SELLER “AS IS” Policies

  1. Meaning vehicles over 10 years old, more than $2050 paid (not including commission) and over on mileage of 100,000. Meaning: If SELLER has known issues of frame damage, missing catalytic converter or inoperative odometer—this still must be announced. What is NOT COVERED under “AS IS”
    • Police and Taxi vehicles.
    • Engine and or 4×4 system issues.
    • Vehicles converted from diesel to gas.
    • Air condition compressor issues.
    • All air bags lights.

“AS IS” is “AS IS” Policies

  1. Meaning purchase price of $2000 or less is a “DONE DEAL”. NO Arbitration. WMI only owes you a negotiable title. What is NOT COVERED
    • Frame damage.
    • Odometer discrepancy.
    • Police and Taxi vehicles.
    • Engine and or 4×4 system issues.
    • All air bag lights.
    • Air condition compressor issues.

House – Auction Guarantee Policies

  1. House A.G. applies when:
    • Vehicle sells for $2050 for greater.
    • Vehicle miles are less than 100,000.
    • Vehicle is 9 years or newer.
    • Vehicle has NO announcements.
  2. What is guaranteed under the “AG”.
    • Good powertrain. Rod, crank, block and transmission and 4×4.
    • Vehicle miles are less than 100,000.
    • Emission control equipment is not missing on gas powered vehicles.
    • No air bag lights on.
  3. House Auction Guarantee and sellers who want to AG their vehicles guarantee defects on covered individual items (#31) not to exceed $500. Defects over $500 to fix, buyer not obligated.
  4. ~ What is NOT guaranteed under AG ~
    • Body damage and Paint work.
    • Wear and tear items.
    • Vehicles with seller disclosed branded titles.
    • Clutch or manual transmissions.
    • Front end noise.
    • Noisy lifters.
    • Diesel powered vehicles.

“Ride & Drive” Policies

  1. What is guaranteed under “RIDE & DRIVE”.
    • A mechanically sound vehicle.
    • A/C, 4×4, automatic transmission, clutch, brakes, and engine are all in proper working order.
    • No inoperative ABS or air bag lights can be on.

Arbitration Policies

  1. All arbitration concerns must be handled on the night of the sale. NEXT DAY IS TOO LATE! After accepting adjustment on vehicle it now becomes AS IS with no further arbitration.
  2. No arbitration on items not covered under the AG. Meaning: air conditioning, power accessories, dash controls, radios and other.
  3. The decision of WMI management will be final in all disputes.
  4. All DIESEL powered vehicles are “As Is” except for undisclosed frame damage and branded titles.
  5. All buyers returning a vehicle for arbitration are responsible for the arbitrated vehicle to be returned in the same condition in which it was purchased.
  6. FRAME DAMAGE or odometer discrepancies not reported by seller can be arbitrated within 7 days. Tuesday is day 1 and the following Monday is day 7. This also includes frame damage, salvage history and miles represented as not actual shown on CarFax or Auto Check. MUST be PROVEN by WMI to be correct.
    • Please check to see if you have a catalytic converter attached to the vehicle you bought.
    • Is your new purchase keeping track of mileage?