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  1. Dealers only - No Retail Customers. Proper ID is required for entry into Auction.
  2. You are solely responsible for you and your employees when on Auction grounds. YOUR Workman's comp. must cover your interests in case of injury.
  3. DO NOT consign any vehicle for sale with bad brakes or fuel leaks.
  4. Use caution while you or your employees are driving on Auction property.
  5. Dealers must be registered before transacting any business.
  6. The dealer-owner is the only person authorized to add or delete any authorized representative.
  7. Cars left on the property must have their keys left in them or given to office. Auction is not responsible for any damage, theft or vandalism do to individuals or mother nature.
  8. The Auction reserves the right to void any transaction.
  9. The auction reserves the right to review and audio/video documentation for verifying accuracy of the sale.
  10. The arbitrator will inspect only one defect per vehicle. If price adjustment is made and accepted, vehicle becomes "AS-IS". The decision of the arbitrator is final and binding to both buyer and seller.
  11. Vehicles stored on W.M.I. property "but not sold or purchased at W.M.I." will immediately incur a $15 hook fee and moved into fenced area. $20 a day will be charged for storage. Exceptions can be made but must be approved by Dave.
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  1. Buyer must pay for vehicle on sale day with cash or a separate company check. The dealership name as indicated on the "sales license" must be imprinted on the company check. NO personal or second party checks can be accepted.
  2. Buyers sign block ticket to verify announcements and sale price entered correctly.
  3. Buyer must inspect vehicle they bought or "IF" on Auction night if vehicle in question meets rules of arbitration. Bring to attention any arbitration problems to management by 9:00 Tuesday night.
  4. The Auction is not to be held responsible for administrative errors.
  5. All next day IF's accepted must be paid for NO later than the next Tuesday sale. $100 fee will be charged if not paid.
  6. In Buyers interest to inspect vehicles prior to bidding. Visible flaws in windshield, tires, body damage etc. are not arbitrable.
  7. "IF" sales are binding on the buyer until 12:00 (NOON) the next day. Seller must confirm "IF" within this time or deal is dead.
  8. When "title absent" is not announced at block, Buyer has right to reject vehicle by 9:00 p.m., Tuesday night.
  9. Buyers must report finding any Frame Damage to Auction management within 7 calendar days of buying unit. Sale day is day one.
  10. Buyer is responsible for verifying serial #, mileage and year reading on purchases before leaving the sale.
  11. Mileage and other information written on the window tag of sale vehicle is for the convenience of the buyer and is not to be relied upon as accurate or complete.
  12. Buyer is responsible for any pending sale either based on an "IF" or "Arbitration".
  13. Buyer of a "TA" vehicle has to wait a maximum of 14 calendar days for title to be received by Auction. Sale day is day one. Title or lien release not received after 14th day means buyer can bring vehicle back to auction. Calling the Auction to bring back a vehicle does not kill the deal. TA/Title or vehicle after 14th day—whichever arrives first at Auction shall complete the deal.
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  1. Sellers must provide a response on "IF" units before 12:00 (NOON) next day or deal is dead.
  2. All vehicles will run across the auction block at least once. Any sale outside of block run will be done by management and all sales are "as is".
  3. Frame Damage or repairs to it must be announced. If not disclosed, buyer has 7 calendar days to find problem and seller has to buy back unit. Sale day is day one. This also includes frame damage/salvage history not reported by seller but shown on Car Fax, Auto Check or other such services. Please check status of each vehicle purchased.
  4. Auction will require Sellers to repurchase any vehicle with undisclosed title history, such as salvage, fire, junk, mileage discrepancy or theft recovery.
  5. Seller must announce any emission controls and equipment that do not meet the original equipment specification for the vehicles. The buyer must arbitrate any emissions problems on sale day. The buyer pays the first $300.00.
  6. Sellers responsibility to correct any errors made by the Auction as to announced "conditions".
  7. Seller shall be solely responsible for repurchase of any vehicle sold through the Auction found to be stolen.
  8. All 2 wheel drive multipurpose and utility type vehicles that have the appearance of being 4-wheel drive must be announced.
  9. Seller has up to a maximum of 14 calendar days for title to be received by Auction. Sale day is day one.
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  1. No Title: The buyer may return a vehicle if the Auction has not received a negotiable title within 14 days. The buyer should use caution against selling or incurring costs on a vehicle until a title is received. AUCTION will not be held responsible for expenses of returned vehicle do to title missing.
  2. All titles on consigned vehicle should be turned into the office when vehicle is checked in. If a negotiable title is not turned into the auction, the vehicle will be considered "Title Absent". All Sellers will be charged a $10 TA fee in addition to regular sale fees.
  3. All titles submitted by Seller must be in Sellers company name or on reassignment form.
  4. Unsigned involuntary titles cannot betransferred in Wisconsin. Clear title in repossessor's name must be furnished before check can be issued.
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  1. Announcements Sellers must give if purchase price is over $2,000:
    • Defect in power train.
    • Missing catalytic converter.
    • Inoperative air bag systems.
    • Paint work or body repair.
    • Taxi, police and flood vehicles.
    • Not actual miles.
    • Vehicles converted from diesel to gas.
    • Vehicles over 100,000 miles are "as is" regardless of price.
    • Vehicles with branded titles regardless of price.
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  1. House A.G. applies when:
    • Vehicle sells for over $2000.00
    • Vehicles miles are less than 100,000
    • Vehicle is 9 years or newer.
    • Vehicle has NO announcements.
  2. What is guaranteed under the "A.G."
    • Good power train, rod, crank, block and transmission.
    • 4x4 works.
    • Emission control equipment missing or inoperable.
  3. What is guaranteed under "Ride & Drive" - A mechanically sound vehicle. A/C, 4x4, transmission, brakes, clutch and engine are in proper working order. No inoperatable ABS or air bags lights on.
  4. Sellers who Auction Guarantee their vehicle and House A.G.'s., guarantee defects on covered individual items (#40) not to exceed $500. A.G. defects over $500 to fix, buyer not obligated.
  5. What is NOT arbitrable under "A.G."
    • Body Damage
    • Paint Work
    • Wear and Tear items.
    • Vehicles with branded titles.
    • Brakes
    • Clutches or manual transmissions.
    • Front end noise.
    • Air conditioning.
    • Noisy Lifters.
    • Head or head gaskets
    • Rear End: wheel bearings, grease leaks & CV boots.
  6. Seller can A.G. any car or truck regardless of miles and price. In this case, special rules may apply.
    • Vehicles selling with over 100,000 miles.
    • Vehicles selling for less that $2,000.00
    • All diesel powered vehicles.
    • Police, Taxi and Flood vehicles.
    • Motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles.
    • All Branded Titles unless otherwise noted by seller.
    • "AS IS" is "AS IS" when purchase price is under $400. Missing catalytic converter, odometer not keeping score and any frame damage must be disclosed with any purchase price $425 and higher. Buyers, look over your vehicle before you purchase.
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  1. All arbitration concerns must be handled on the night of the sale. Next day is too late! After any accepted adjustment, the vehicle automatically becomes AS IS with no further arbitration.
  2. No "arbitration" on items not covered under the Auction Guarantee, example; air conditioning, power accessories, computer controls, radios, cruise control, front ends, brakes etc.
  3. The decision of the Auction management will be final in all disputes.
  4. Frame damage not reported by seller can be arbitrated within 7 days. Tuesday, the day of purchase is day one. This also includes frame damage/salvage history not reported by seller but shown on Car Fax, Auto Check or other such services. Please check status of each vehicle purchased.
  5. All buyers returning a vehicle for arbitration are responsible for the vehicle to be returned in the same condition in which it was purchased.
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  1. All units purchased at Auction or on premises must be paid for through the Auction office the night of the sale with cash or a separate company check. The dealership name as indicated on the "sales license" must be imprinted on the company check. NO personal or second party checks can be accepted.
  2. Vehicles "Not Paid For" by the following Tuesday will incur a $100 fee. An additional $100 fee per week will be charged there after. Exceptions can be made but must be approved by Sue or Dave.
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